The most important difference and advantage of ISM grain separators which allows achieving high economy, is the airflow generator. The large impeller is attached to the engine axle, that is, fan impeller enclosed in the pipe. Impeller blades well calculated by aerodynamic properties direct air flow directly into separation chamber. There are no unnecessary obstacles to the air flow. All air flow, the engine passes through itself, so it does not need additional cooling. The most important feature of our grain separators is that the power of the air flow is controlled not by dampers, as in machines with centrifugal fan, but by the speed of impeller rotation. The engines of ISM grain separators have programmable frequency converters, with the help of which it is possible to adjust more accurately the separation process for any agricultural crop.

1. A straight-through air flow former requires 3-4 times less energy consumption than a high-pressure motor.

2. The use of a frequency converter provides 8 degrees of motor protection (from soft start and stop to protection against voltage drop).

3. The use of a cyclone-sedimentary complex additionally saves 30% of electricity due to air circulation inside the separator.