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Our own design developments have allowed us to achieve success in the grain cleaning equipment market and are still the priority area of ​​our enterprise.
We are constantly improving our machines based on the opinion of those who use them on farms.
The design of the ISM machines for cleaning grain at the Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant is based on operational properties that make these separators an ideal solution for both small farms and powerful grain cleaning complexes. There are five such properties: efficiency, ease of management, reliability, durability, comfort in use.


Aerodynamic separators “ISM” are currently the most economical grain cleaning machines in terms of energy consumption, maintenance and repair. Our machines consume 2.5 – 3 times less electricity than their closest counterparts. We achieved this result thanks to the use of the impeller as a power plant, which in turn allowed:
– Minimize the loss of air flow.
– Prevent small impurities on the floor around the machine from entering the air intake of the device.
– Reduce the power of the electric motor on the separators, while maintaining the air flow parameters and eliminating vibrations.


All setting of grain separators “ISM” is reduced to changing the frequency of rotation of the impeller using a special knob “impeller power regulator”, which allows you to more accurately adjust the separation for any crop and significantly reduce the time for setting up the machine. The digital indicator, which the ISM grain separators are equipped with, allows you to see at what speed the ideal cleaning or calibration of a given material can be achieved (the indicators will differ on different crops). Another convenience for farmers and farms is the “reverse” mode, which allows you to clear the ISM separator from the previous crop in 5-10 minutes and prepare it for work for a new material.


The grain separator “ISM” is designed in such a way as to exclude the ingress of foreign objects into the separator, which could subsequently disable it. The presence of a frequency converter in ISM grain cleaning machines allows protecting the motor from voltage surges and ensuring smooth start and stop of the separator.


Thanks to the reliability of all units and mechanisms, grain separators “ISM” will be able to serve for a long time without technical intervention of specialists. The main thing is that the equipment has a long service life. You need to look after it, clean it at the end of each shift, and ensure proper storage after the end of the season. The durability of each piece of equipment is 30% dependent on how it is monitored.


The combination of the above four principles gives the owner of the grain cleaning equipment exactly this feeling during its operation. This item is the last on our list of technological principles, but by no means the last in importance.