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Equipment for cleaning and storing grain.

Kharkov Grain Cleaning Plant LLC  exhibited a mobile grain cleaning complex SOK-25 at the exhibition. It is used in currents, elevators and floor storage warehouses. It is equipped with one of the best separato rum ISM-25 CSC. SOK-25 self-preserves a heap, cleans it, dries up seeds, loads seeds and unloads non-grain waste into a special bunker. The productivity of the SOK-25 unit in the cleaning mode is 25 t / h; in the mode of seed preparation – 12 t / h. The total power of the installed electric motors is 10.3 kW; working height of the refined grain is from 1000 to 3900 mm; serves the unit of 2 operators; weight is 1800 kg overall dimensions in working position: height 3500 mm; length – 6500 mm; width – 5300 mm.

The operating principle of the SOK-25 unit is based on the separation of the separated material in the air flow. Thanks to the powerful laminar air flow, heavy impurities and stones are separated first. The seed goes into the 3rd and 4th trays. The 4th and 5th trays are used for commercial grain. Non-grain impurities and damaged grains are carried out by air flow into the last trays. Light impurities and dust are carried out along with the exhaust air.

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