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Mobile Grain Cleaner MGC-25

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The unique Mobile Grain Cleaner MGC-25 based on the ISM CSC (Impeller Separating Machine with Cyclone Sedimentary Chamber) has no analogues in the world. This machine performs the whole process of grain cleaning and sorting replacing a whole stationary equipment line. MGC-25 is designed to load, clean, sort and unload grain in one continuous cycle.

Seed preparation

The machine drives to the heap, picks it up and precisely sorts into fractions: grain is cleaned and sorted into three categories separately;
non-grain wastes, dust and chaff are separated into a special container.
The cleaned and sorted grain is directed into the trays.

The operator selects the proper tray and, using the control levers, directs the grain flow into the discharge conveyor.


Mobile Grain Cleaner MGC-30 has a number of advantages over immobile grain cleaning machines:
* It makes efficient grain cleaning and precise seed sorting by weight with no need of using additional handling devices.
* It reduces time for grain processing and allows to reduce the operating staff to 2 people involved in technological process.
* It is reliable and durable.
* Readjustment and crop change takes 5 minutes only.
* Crops with any humidity can be processed.
* Aspiration chamber (Cyclone Sedimentary Chamber – CSC) is used for air cleaning and effective sorting out such admixtures as straw, chaff, peel, stems and other light impurities and dust into the special container.
* MGC-30 is equiped with level sensors in receiving hopper, which gives the possibility to operate in the automatic mode.
* No screens (sieves) and quickly wearing parts.

1. Grain;  2. Intake hopper;  3. Loading chain conveyor;  4. Car wheels;  5. Cyclone-Sedimentary Chamber;  6. Control panel;  7. Discharge conveyor; 8. Motor with impeller; 9. Air duct; 10. Trays for separarted fractions; 11. Waste bin; 12. Separation chamber; 13. Second sedimentary chamber; 14. Overflow.

Operating principle of «MGC-25»

The grain  1 or seeds are fed with the loading conveyor  3 into the intake hopper  2 where 3 sensors are set, 2 of the sensors are connected to the wheels  4. In semi-automatic mode, depending on the hopper  2 filling with the grain, the sensors can turn on or turn off the MGC-25 movement. Then the grain  1 is uniformly supplied into the chamber of separation  12 for the grain sorting out / calibrating by grades. The laminar flow is generated by motor and impeller  8, then the air flow is directed out of separation chamber and takes away the light impurities. The cleaned and graded grains are directed to the trays. The Operator selects the proper tray and, using the control levers, directs the grain into the discharge conveyor  7. The air, which circulates within the MGC-25, is purified within the cyclone-sedimentary chamber (CSC)  5 and is fed to the impeller through the sidelong air duct  9. There is a second sedimentary chamber  13 for light impurities, which are dropped down into the special wheeled hopper. The lightest impurities and dust is precipitated and accumulated to the special tray. The MGC-25 operation control is made using control panel  6.

Grain cleaning and sorting: 30 ton/hour

Precise seed sorting:

up to 15 ton/hour
Power consumption: 15   kW/hour
380 V
Outreach of discharge conveyor: 4000 mm
Operating height of discharge conveyor: 1000-4000 mm
Noise level: 85 dB
Weight: 1800 kg
Number of operators: 2

Working dimensions

Height 3500 mm
Length 6500 mm
Width 5300 mm

Transport dimensions

Height 3500 mm
Length 6300 mm
Width 2600 mm


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Customer reviews of the company's products
Ukraine, Zhytomyr region
I bought a grain separator ISM-10

We bought ISM-10. We clean the flax. There are no complaints about the operation of the machine.

Ukraine, Sumy region
I bought a grain separator ISM-50 CSC

We bought such a car for 50 tons per hour. Works great. We work on almost all cultures. We do not work only on corn and seeds. We tried everything else, it works exclusively. Excellent selects seed. Simplicity, reliability, nothing to maintain. In general, I bought it and you don’t think you have to do anything else. No need to buy belts, bearings, chains. There are no problems with work.

Ukraine, Kharkiv region
I bought a grain separator ISM-15 CSC

We took this machine two years ago. We are very pleased with her. We clean it with soybeans, sunflower, wheat. We mainly use it to prepare seed. We are very happy with how she calibrates. In general, this is a very good machine for cleaning, and most importantly, seed preparation. The grain is selected by weight, which gives a very good result on the field during germination.

Ukraine, Nikolaev region
I bought a grain separator ISM-6 CSC

I met representatives of this company at the exhibition. We purchased such a unit from them this year. What can I say. We worked with barley and wheat. Very easy to use, reliable. We are 100% satisfied with the grain sizing. Our employees are satisfied. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Minimal noise, no dust. We work indoors. Dust, nothing like that. Very satisfied. Thank you for this unit.

Ukraine, Kirovograd region
I bought a grain separator ISM-20

We use your technique to increase the yield. We work on sunflower, wheat, soy. The machine pays off.

Ukraine, Cherkasy region
Bought a grain separator MGC-25

We bought MGC-25 two years ago. We work on five crops: corn, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat, soybeans. Satisfied with the work. What else can be said. Only, only good about this  machine.

Ukraine, Kiev region
I bought a grain separator ISM-5

We have been using this car for the fourth season. For the needs of a larger household, it is not necessary, although there are more powerful machines. We use it to prepare seed material: soybeans, wheat, barley. We are satisfied with the quality.

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Seed preparation