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In recent years, this issue has become aggravated, because regulatory authorities, such as the environmental police and the sanitary and epidemiological station, are increasingly monitoring the ecological situation in agricultural farms.
In the past, farmers were often forced to make do-it-yourself devices to clean the air that was used up by the separator. But no matter how skillfully the handicraft unit for air purification was made, its maximum is air purification from 60% of dust.
The production of separators “ISM” with a cyclone-sedimentary complex for the first time made it possible to completely solve the issue of cleaning the exhaust air.

A closed-cycle cyclone-sedimentary complex is a combined treatment system that uses:
1. Cyclone dust collector with inertial principle of air purification from impurities. The exhaust air is directed at an angle, as a result, the polluted air is cleaned, and the debris settles in the lower part of the chamber and under air pressure is automatically removed through special trays.
2. A special labyrinth duct system with sharp changes in its cross section. 2 or 3 turns 180% deposited significant amount of dust.
3. System for changing the flow area of ​​the duct. In many of its sections, the pressure is significantly reduced, dust particles change their trajectory, hit the walls of the air duct and settle.
The cyclone chamber allows to clean the exhaust air by 80%. In the first sedimentary chamber, the air is further purified by about 12-15%. In the second and third chambers, it is almost completely cleaned.

Air purification using a closed-cycle cyclone-sedimentary complex has the following important additional advantages:

– Improved separation quality as a result of reduced air turbulence in a closed loop.
– Saving electricity by 30% by reducing air turbulence.
– 40% increased noise insulation. The noise level has been reduced from 87 dB to 57 dB.
– Additional drying of grain by aerodynamic heating in a closed air flow.