Turning on

    1. Reset the “Emergency Stop” button by turning it. *
    2. Move the “Network” knob to the “On” position, when there is voltage, the “Network” indicator lights up. *
    3. Set the “Rotational speed regulator” knob to the middle position.
    4. Switch on the power supply of the frequency converter by moving the switch knob to the “on” position.
    5. Turn off the ” Pre-Cleaner” by moving the handle to the “off” position.
    6. Emergency shutdown of ” Pre-Cleaner” is carried out by pressing the palm button “Emergency stop“.

Setting to operating modes

    1. Enable  Pre-Cleaner as above.
    2. Provide continuous material flow. During the operation of the separator, the operator must control the uniformity of the flow of the separated material.
    3. Using the speed regulator, select the speed of rotation of the mesh, so as to ensure the maximum separation of large and small fractions.
    4. It should be remembered that an increase in the speed of rotation of the mesh improves the selection of coarse fractions, but at the same time it is necessary to ensure that the required material is not picked up and ejected into the waste trays.
    5. In this mode, with the correct setting,  Pre-Cleaner is able to remove from 30% to 60% of debris from the source material, depending on the quality of the supplied material. When  Pre-Cleaner is operating in this mode, the cleaned material will be fed into the tray for removing the calibrated material. For a more complete cleaning, it is necessary to use other grain cleaning machines.
    6. When installing  Pre-Cleaner as an additional unit on separators “ISM”, “MGC” the calibrated material will be fed directly into the receiving hopper of the separator for further cleaning or calibration.

When installing  Pre-Cleaner on separating machines “ISM”, “MGC”, the unit is powered from the control panel of the separating machine.

To obtain a better pre-cleaning, it is necessary to make sure that the cell of the calibration grid corresponds to the size of the sampled material, if necessary, replace the grid.

The increase in the productivity of  Pre-Cleaner can be continued until the quality of the preliminary cleaning of the material begins to deteriorate, or until the ejection of the material along with the garbage begins. For different crops, the pre-cleaning deterioration threshold is different, so the operator determines it himself.