ISM Grain Separators

ISM aerodynamic grain separators – new level of quality of cleaning and calibration of all types of crops.
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ISM Separators (basic models)
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ISM Separators with cyclone-sedimentary chamber
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Mobile grain cleaners MGC
Buy grain self-propelled cleaning complexes ✔ Unique range of self-propelled cleaning c...
Optional grain cleaning equipment
Other equipment of the KGCMP for sale ✔ Unique range of grateless cleaning equipment fo...
High harvest
The ability to select sowing seeds with guaranteed germination up to 98%.
Clean grain
You can get high quality clean grain with our ISM separator.
Separator reliability
The frequency converter helps to protect the separator motor from voltage change, as well as provides smooth start and stop.
No grain damage
Air grain treatment minimizes separation losses.
2.5-3 times lower power consumption compared to similar separators. Absence of lubrication points and replaceable elements.
Easy to manage
The absence of extra buttons and switches makes ISM separator simple and easy to control.
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    ISM aerodynamic separators from ХЗЗО company

    Kharkov plant of grain cleaning equipment is an innovator in this field of mechanical engineering. Our patented product is ISM grain separators, the most innovative type of grain cleaning and calibration machine. The well-established production of grain cleaning machines and modern equipment allows us to supply products to five continents.

    When fulfilling an order, the grain cleaning plant takes into account the specifics of the region and the culture with which it has to work, and this approach, coupled with high requirements for the quality of the equipment produced, has provided the plant with a reputation as a leading manufacturer of grain processing machines not only in Ukraine but throughout the world.

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