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Kharkiv Grain Cleaning Equipment Plant

Kharkiv Grain Cleaning Equipment Plant is one of the leaders in the development and production of high-tech equipment for post- harvest processing of crops.

Our plant produces ISM aerodynamic separators for cleaning, sorting and calibration of grain with capacity of 3 to 200 tons per hour. The design of grain cleaning machines is based on operational properties, which make our separators to be ideal solution, both for small farms and for powerful grain cleaning complexes as well. There are five of these properties: economy, ease of control, reliability, durability and comfort in use.

The production of ISM aerodynamic separators made it possible to bring to a new level the quality of post-harvest processing of crops. We have achieved extremely high results due to the design features of our grain cleaning machines. Electromotor with straight-flow axial fan installed inside our ISM separator made it possible to minimize electricity consumption without loss of productivity. On February 22, 2018, Kharkiv Grain Cleaning Equipment Plant entered the register of the Ukrainian Book of Records in the nomination. Maximum Energy Saving Mode of Grain Cleaning Machine during the Processing of 5 tons of grain per one hour.

Kharkiv Grain Cleaning Equipment Plant is the regular participant in agricultural exhibitions not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. So we have the opportunity to communicate personally with farmers during these events. Our specialists learn the needs of farmers, their wishes. Thanks to this knowledge, our ISM aerodynamic separators have become the true friend for any farm.


ISM aerodynamic separators are easy to control, economy and reliable. Thanks to an accurate calculation in aerodynamics, ISM separators qualitatively clean all types of crops and are able to select sowing seeds with the guaranteed germination up to 98%, thereby increasing yield to 35%.

By purchasing our ISM aerodynamic separator, you will be part of our team. We value our reputation and our customers. Our grain cleaning equipment works already in more than 23 countries.